14 Ways to Keep a Tidy Home With Kids

As a mama of many, I know how difficult it is to balance housework with being Mommy. I had two under two years old at one time (not so long ago). That being said, it is possible to keep a tidy home with kids underfoot! Here are 14 ways to keep your home manageable with kids!

Your home doesn’t need to be clean all the time.

There will be times when your home is messy for one reason or another. You should come over to my house during canning season, or Christmas baking time. On second thought, don’t. You don’t want to see that. Sometimes I’ve been sick, or a kid has been sick. Sometimes I’ve had too many out of the house engagements and we just need to catch up.

Chaotic environments breed chaotic lives.

A generally untidy home is not a relaxing place to be. It is hard to get anything done, or even know where to start. Clutter in our homes can sometimes be an indicator of a mess inside of us as well. Decluttering can be cleansing, to our spaces and our hearts.

So where do you start?

  1. Always start your day with Jesus, get into the Word of God. Everything else will fall into place if your priorities are right.
  2. Pray over your family and home. Start your day abiding in the Lord.
  3. Keep the clutter to a minimum. The less stuff you have, the less there is to clean. Get rid of the excess, anything broken, or rarely used. Eliminate paper clutter by throwing away unneeded paperwork and filing away the rest.
  4. Give everything a designated place. If all your belongings have a spot, the piles of stuff disappear. Organization is key!
  5. Evaluate what is important to you, and your husband. I have to have a clean kitchen. My husband prefers a tidy living room. I focus on those places first.
  6. Clean up one project, play area, etc. before starting another. It’s ok to be in play time mess mode, just pick up before moving to the next thing.
  7. Make your home a priority over time on your phone, or reading a good book, whatever your “guilty pleasure” is .
  8. Do a general clean up a few times daily. When a few days worth of mess pile up it is hard to maintain a system.
  9. Specify certain days to do bigger tasks like dusting, bathrooms, mopping and vacuuming.
  10. Keep up on every day tasks like dishes, toy pick up and sweeping the kitchen.
  11. Do a load or two of laundry every day so it doesn’t pile up. Just remember to do it to completion…. fold and put away too.
  12. Get your kids involved! Sing a song, make it a game, play a certain song and everyone cleans until it’s over. Do what works for you!
  13. Model tidiness for your children, pray they follow your lead.
  14. Once you get it under control, keep it under control!

What ways do you keep the dust bunnies at bay and still maintain a life outside of housework? I’d like to hear your best tips and suggestions in the comments below!

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