8 Reasons NOT To Throw Away Your Eggshells

eggs eggshells

Eggshells are not trash. They are a very valuable resource for any home or garden. Keep reading below for my top 8 reasons not to throw your eggshells away.

1. Amazing garden soil additive.

Eggshells make an amazing additive to your garden soil. They add an enormous calcium boost to tomatoes and peppers, just sprinkle crushed shells around the base of each plant. You can also add some crushed shells to each hole as you plant. Eggshells also help to aerate the soil for better air flow and water absorbtion. Sprinkle over your entire garden area before tilling and planting.

2. Calcium supplement for chickens and pets.

Laying hens need a good amount of calcium in their diets to support good egg production. If you are getting eggs with soft or even nonexistant shells, you know without a doubt you need to add extra calcium to your chicken’s diet. Most commercial chicken feed contains the proper amount of calcium, but sometimes even with commercial feed you may need to add extra. And if you make your own blend of layer feed like we do, you will need to be extra careful to include calcium to their diet. You can mix powdered or crushed eggshells directly in their feed, or offer it seperately.

Dogs and cats can benefit from a little extra calcium as well. Add it powdered to their food occasionally for a little boost. It is also very helpful when your pet is experiencing diahrhea.

3. Add to smoothies for a calcium boost.

Alright, I’ll admit, I have not actually tried this, but I do have some powdered eggshells added to my food stock in my pantry in case I need it. Read my easy follow instructions for preparing eggshells here. Supposedly you can add properly prepared powdered eggshells to just about any food for consumption by humans, smoothies being a really easy method.

raspberry strawberrry smoothie
Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie

4. Seedling starter pods.

I think this is a wonderful and fun idea! Start your seedlings inside your used eggshells. Then, when you transplant the baby plants to your garden in the spring, you have built in calcium supplements to each hole you plant!

eggshells with seedlings planted in them
Seedlings of tomatoes in the eggshell.

5. Deter pests in the garden.

I have garden pests just like you do. But I have found a secret weapon to fight against them. The best part? It is not a pesticide! Crushed up eggshells in and on the soil around the base of the affected plants are an excellent deterrent against slugs, snails, grubs and most any pest that creeps. The sharp shells are uncomfortable. Pests go elsewhere to feast on more accessible plants.

plants with eggshells on soil
Crushed eggshells around plants deters slugs and other larvae.

6. Add to compost.

Adding excess eggshells to your compost piles or bins is an excellent way to add nutrients to your future garden soil.

7. All natural bandages from the membrane.

You know that membrane inside the eggshell that seperates the shell from the egg white? You can peel that silky lining off the shell while it is still moist. Give it a good rinse to prepare it. It can then be used for, you guessed it, an all natural bandage. It will quickly dry on the wound and act as a protective barrier.

8. Add to coffee to reduce bitterness.

Adding eggshells to your coffee grounds before brewing is said to reduce bitterness. Give it a try! Let me know how it works out for you!

coffee ground
Add crushed eggshells to your coffee before brewing

Have you saved your eggshells? Share in the comments below how you use them.

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