About Us

If you’ve landed here, you are probably looking for some answers. Let’s start with the basics.

We are the Lucas Family. Originally from Southern Oregon, transplanted to North Dakota, soon to relocate to Alaska. We love Jesus, we love each other and we love God’s creation. We are a husband and wife team, with four amazing children. Brandon is a husband, a father, a Pastor, a teacher and lover of the Word, outdoorsmen, a builder, a man who is wild at heart. Robyn is his wife, a mother, a homeschool teacher, a lover of the Word, mentor to young wives and mamas, and a homesteading woman born a century too late.

Together we six are on a mission to live life fully to the glory of God, to be as self sufficient as possible, to live debt free, to eat what we grow and harvest from God’s provision.

We do these things to be closer to each other, to our God and His creation. We try daily to be good stewards of the earth and all that is in it. To make the most of our time and finances (which are ultimately God’s) and to help teach others to do the same.

Do you desire to live a life less encumbered by the world and more focused on the calling God has placed on your life? You’re in the right place!

We once were a family consumed by the Christian “American Dream”. We strived for an intact marriage, well behaved children, a nice house and church every Sunday. God has placed on our hearts a desire for much more.

Journey with us as we discover all that God truly wants for our lives, from maple syrup all the way to eternity.

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