Homemade Mouthwash with Essential Oils

Why take the time to make your own homemade essential oil mouthwash? It seems like a waste of time, right? No way! The delicate tissue inside our mouths is so penetrable! Using harsh chemicals and alcohol is not good for our bodies! Why not add beneficial essential oils to your daily teeth and mouth cleaning regimen! This is my favorite homemade mouthwash recipe. Feel free to add your favorite essential oils or take away any you are not fond of! It’s quick and easy, and you only need a little bit to do the job! Swish, spit and be on your way!

doterra essential oils mouthwash

I love to use Myrrh for its intense cleansing properties. Peppermint for its minty flavor. Melaleuca is commonly known as Tea tree oil and is known for its cleansing, purifying, rejuvenating properties. It also promotes healthy immune function. Clove has been known to cleanse teeth and gums for centuries! Cinnamon Bark has frequently been used to promote oral health and just makes a nice flavorful addition to this mouth rinse! A little goes a long way! Th last addition is purified water. Easy peasy!

doterra essential oils

Homemade Essential Oil Mouthwash

Total Time10 mins
Yield: 8 ounces


  • 10 drops Melaleuca Oil
  • 10 drops Peppermint Oil
  • 6 drops Clove Oil
  • 4 drops Cinnamon Bark Oil
  • 4 drops Myrrh Oil


  • In an 8 ounce glass jar, combine all essential oils, then fill to the top with purified water. Shake before each use. Take a small sip, swish in mouth, and spit out before or after each tooth brushing.

Leave a comment below to let me know how you like this refreshing mouthwash! I’d love to hear your favorte oils to use for oral health!

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