Setting Goals

It’s always a good idea to have goals, they keep you focused on the important things. Writing them down is an even better idea, accountability is good. Grow with me as I focus my thoughts on setting goals, everything maple syrup to pecking order. Hopefully my journey will get you thinking about your own.

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How can you set attainable goals? Start by thinking about the big picture and work backwards, narrowing your goals down to manageable, bite size pieces. As you reach smaller goals, you make measurable progress towards reaching the big goals. Keep going, even when you hit setbacks! Find joy in the journey.

Here are my lists of goals, small and large. Realistic and dreamy.

Family Goals

  1. Make devotion time a bigger priority. First thing in the morning, before we start anything else.
  2. Spend every day working, learning, laughing together.
  3. Learn new skills together, fishing, foraging, building, preserving food….
  4. Make more time for family fun.
  5. Spend time exploring creation together.
  6. See the Northern Lights.
  7. See whales in their natural habitat.

Homesteading Goals

  1. Relocate to our Alaska property.
  2. Build a home.
  3. Construct a dog barn for our Great Pyrenees trio.
  4. Put up a woodshed and stock enough wood for the winter and more.
  5. Build a guest house, or two.
  6. Design and build a chicken coop and large run.
  7. Produce enough eggs to sell extra.
  8. Raise meat chickens.
  9. Build a high tunnel to grow food.
  10. Grow enough food to sustain our family.
  11. Preserve all our harvest.
  12. Grow enough to sell extra at the Farmer’s Market.
  13. Build an animal barn.
  14. Invest in a trio of breeding rabbits for meat and fur.
  15. Purchase a goat for soap and skin products.
  16. Raise a pig for meat.
  17. Forage medicinal plants, mushrooms, berries, etc.
  18. Harvest shellfish and put them up for food storage.
  19. Fish enough to fill our freezers, smoke and can for food storage.
  20. Hunt enough to sustain our meat supply throughout the year.
  21. Hunt a bear for meat and a beautiful rug.
  22. Learn to tan hides, and work with the fur of harvested animals.
  23. Build a root cellar.

Homeschool Goals

  1. Start every school day with prayer and scripture.
  2. Spend more energy on teaching and less on discipline.
  3. Care more about learning and less about schedule.
  4. Keep moving forward.
  5. Do more projects, art, and science experiments.
  6. Love learning, even when it’s hard.
  7. Take school outdoors more often.
  8. Let go of the public school ideal and embrace our own rhythm.

Ministry Goals

  1. Discover what ministry the Lord has for us in Alaska.

Personal Goals

  1. Start my day with prayer and personal study of the Word of God (and coffee)
  2. Grow spiritually…walk with Jesus daily.
  3. Enjoy my husband.
  4. Find ways to serve my husband daily. Not just doing his laundry, but ministering to him personally.
  5. Enjoy my children. Get to know them personally by giving them my undivided attention throughout the day.
  6. Continue growing in James 1:19 “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger”
  7. Learn to crochet.

I am absolutely sure there are many more dreams I have for my life. This is not an exhaustive list of my lifetime goals. Yet, it is a list of attainable steps, and bigger steps, and even much bigger steps to keep me busy for a long time to come.

The thing about setting goals down is that you can revisit them. You can mark off the ones you accomplished, and add new ones. It will be fun to see where I am on my list next year this time. And there is something so satisfying to me about checking things off my list.

What do you think? What goals did you set for yourself this year? How are you doing so far?

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