Our Favorite Tools

Everything we love to use, in the home, kitchen, garden, barn, to build, hunt, fish, and to work. These are our tools for everyday living. This list will frequently change and be updated. Check back often to see what’s new on our homestead.

In the kitchen

Pressure Canner I have a Mirro and an old Presto I found at a thrift store. My dream pressure canner is this one.

Water Bath Canner This is my everyday old faithful.

Food Processor I have a hand-me-down 1987 Cuisinart from my husband’s grandma. It works fine but is starting to fall apart. I have my eye on this one.

Blender I love my Ninja!

Dehydrator I have two Nescos. Both I found at garage sales for $5 each! On my wish list I have this one.

Cherry Pitter I have this pitter that pits one at a time. I’m eyeing this one that seems to work faster.

Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer This tool has seriously saved me countless hours in my canning and dehydrating of apples.

Food Strainer/Sauce Maker This tool revolutionized applesauce and tomato sauce making in our home. A life saver!

Steam Juicer The most amazing invention! Makes juice, but also is instrumental in my applesauce and jelly making ventures.

Wusthof Knives I was gifted an amazing set of these knives by my late Nana.

In the home

Vacuum I love my Shark. It self cleans the brush roll and is anti-hair wrap. What that means is with four girls in the house, I no longer have to cut the wrapped hair off of the brush roll. It automatically does it for me! Thank you, Shark! My old Shark died after 6 years, 4 kids, a cat and 7 dogs.

In the yard

Trimmer My husband loves his gas powered Craftsman.

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